• Alaran Ibrahim

    Alaran Ibrahim

    Data Scientist (health) || Anatomist || M.L & A.I || IT & Media Tech

  • Andre Emidio

    Andre Emidio

    Cozinheiro nas horas vagas,curioso, nerd e estudante de inteligência artificial.

  • Danielle Hensley

    Danielle Hensley

    Pencil Pusher:Aspiring Author & Practicing Poet Loving Auntie to my nieces & nephews & a Crazy Cat Lady Who Really Is Crazy who wants to spread love, not hate

  • Benedict Gombocz

    Benedict Gombocz

  • Georgios Tourloukis

    Georgios Tourloukis

    Data Scientist, PhD in Mathematical Modeling, MSc & BEng

  • John Strick van Linschoten

    John Strick van Linschoten

    Experienced #humanitarian. Write at johnstrick.com. Tweet on @nomadikal. Interested in #appliedlinguistics #society #values. Also on Linkedin & Facebook.

  • Christopher Benavides

    Christopher Benavides

  • Josh Satre

    Josh Satre

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